Hormones and Haircuts


As women, hormones get to us at the best of times. We get cranky, irritable and sometimes inconsolable. What’s worse than monthly hormone imbalances?….Pregnancy hormone enbalances!

In the world of a Hairstylist, the term of a pregnancy is short. Our client tells us “I’m expecting! ” and after three or four visits they are ready to go into labor.  We don’t see all the changes that happen daily…but, we love seeing the baby bump grow with each visit and hearing about all the ups and downs of carrying. It makes us feel grateful and special that we get a glimpse into the glow of their pregnancy.

‘Re-do’s’ (what we call something that is less then perfect and needs a little fixing up) happen in the hair biz.  They are never mistakes, when we learn from them.

When a client is towards the end of her pregnancy, hormones are at their all time high. Add to that, uncomfortable and sleepless nights….well, it’s a recipe for disaster when she sits in your chair “looking for a change”.
Those four words can save both parties involved a lot of agony when detected and dealt with properly. No eight month pregnant women wants to go from blonde to brown; wants to cut their long tresses into a pixie; or wants baby bangs (REALLY short bangs) because her perfectly fine bangs are going to get in the way when the baby comes.

We never want to not switch up our client’s look, we just know it could be the hormones talking and we should proceed with caution and offer less dramatic options. OR, they may leave with what they asked for and be crying for the last few weeks leading up to the birth.  Then, it is forgotten…By them, but NOT by us.  We never forget the frantic day after phone calls or the time spent trying to reverse the change they wanted or the multiple conversations on “how long will this take to grow out?”

So BOTH parties involved,  Learn the lesson from your first mistake and

you’ll never have to go through it again. Meet in the middle,  it’s the safest place when dealing with pregnancy hormones. 

hairstylistwithaheart ♥


It’s Ok to leave.


After being in the Hair Industry for over a decade, I feel it’s time to share some of my personal experiences ‘From Behind The Chair’…the good, the bad and the ugly.

Today, for my first EVER entry I have decided to touch on the fact that ‘It’s ok to leave’. Leaving your Hairstylist can always be a tough decision, we understand that. We understand that wants and life changes happen. We’re ok if you decide to move on. What we’re not ok with is when the person that you’ve spent months, years or even decades with falls off the face of the earth. To us, It’s like an expected death and we have no closure. We are strong, confident, loyal and legitimately care for the people who take time out of their lives to sit in our chair. We have hearts.
So, before you make the decision to move on take these things into consideration. We will wonder where you went; Without explanation we will question our talents; We will hope you are not sick or dead; We will hope that one day you will return.
So, on your part be kind (Maybe, send a little note) and know that we always mean to do the right things, we’re human…but, we’re not perfect.

hairstylistwithaheart ♥

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